snapshots: travis + blythe's engagement session

As you may recall, both of my brothers are engaged (because they want to be just like me).  Last weekend, I took engagement pictures for my little brother (which is hilarious, because in my head he still looks like this):
(Don't worry, I'm not playing favorites, I'm taking Derek and Jackie's pictures when the weather is warmer.)

Here are a few of the dozens hundreds of photos we took last weekend.

"It takes some effort to grow in this love, for as the art of painting is cultivated by painting, and speaking is learned by speaking, and study is learned by studying, so love is learned by loving."
Archbishop Fulton Sheen, "Three to Get Married"


  1. You are an awesome photographer! The photo props are awesome. ;-)

  2. Grace!!!! OH my sweetness!!!! You are so talented and these photos are precious!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!

    1. I'm so glad you like them! See you next week! :)


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