big things happening: august 2013 (like, REALLY big things)

Luke and I began living the sacrament of marriage on Wednesday, August 21st.

Five Fun Facts About Our Wedding:

1.) We had a small, simple ceremony. Tiny, in fact. Just our parents and the sacrament.

2.) We didn't tell anyone, so don't feel excluded if this is how you found out...this is how everyone found out.  If there is such a thing as a Catholic elopement, this was it.

3.) Luke's suit (and handsome bowtie) cost more than my shirt/skirt combo.

4.) We got married on what would have been one of the presiding priest's parents' 73rd wedding anniversary, which was also on a Wednesday at approximately the same time.  That priest also administered (or was present for) all of my sacraments thus far except baptism.

5.) Something old: my mom's wedding ring.  Something new: the skirt/shirt.  Something borrowed: my mom's slip. Something blue: my shoes.

BONUS FACT: That last picture in black and white that looks like Luke is super-romantically spinning me around is actually Luke cracking my back (which is a sign of true love, obviously).

DOUBLE BONUS (nerd) FACT: We're a Hufflepuff (me) marrying a Gryffindor (Luke), just like Tonks and Lupin (and Neville and Hannah).

No gifts, please.  Prayers and well-wishes happily accepted.

Also, in case you were wondering, this is what it looks like to have the most supportive best friends in the world:


  1. You two look so happy! I love how romantic it all looks. Catholic elopement? I bet it was beautiful! :-)

  2. First, I love your flowers and dress...like a classy elegance thing going on:) How special to have such an intimate wedding...the Catholic elopement thing made me giggle ;)
    We'll definitely keep you and Luke in our prayers as you begin this awesome, holy, sacred journey together:)

  3. YAY!!! Great post :) You look beautiful & Luke looks dashing in his fancy suite!! I love that he is cracking your back!! Haha I make Derek do that to me waayy too often! Congrats again to you both!

  4. (i can't stop looking at this.) #imobsessedwiththebeeleys

  5. I followed your comment on my blog over here and I'm so glad that I did. Your enthusiasm for life is infectious. I LOVE it.

    And big congratulations on your marriage! By the time my wedding was a month away I SO wanted an elopement. lol. How absolutely beautiful you look!

    Prayers? For sure! God bless! ♥


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