november 2015

Please hold your applause for the November update actually coming the day after November ended.  It's pretty impressive.  (Literally still have so many pictures; these are all from my phone.  No camera updates yet).

matching mom  //  running forever  //  leaves forever
pint sized skeptic  //  selfie stick with dad  //  selfie stick with mom
matching dad  //  swinging before it is too cold  //  haley visit

snuggles with grandpa  //  tess visit  //  corks forever
waiting with grandma  //  matching with tony  //  matching with grandpa
dad jumping the car  //  snuggles with jackie and derek  //  running again (because she is always running...and because I accidentally did the same picture twice)

 photo gracesignature_zpszaasj7qh.jpg


october 2015

When your daughter loves leaves more than most people love pretty much anything, October is a good month.

family pic / visiting grandpa at work for his birthday / trench coat in the leaves / strawberry halloween baby

more leaf fun / nora takes youth group / snuggles with gg / even more leaf fun / selfies with aunt jackie / sleepy snuggles on uncle derek

 photo gracesignature_zpszaasj7qh.jpg