jackson's 15th birthday

Jackson turns 15 today, and last night we celebrated with the teenager party to end all teenager parties. There was pop music, rock skipping, and a Hogwarts cake.  What could be more teenager than that?

Brandon + Tess


some cool teenagers

Megan getting serenaded

birthday boy leading the way

walking to the creek

rock skipping

many teenagers rock skipping

some cute kid

Brandon + Tess 2.0

more sweet teenagers

just listening to some Little Mermaid

just dancing to some Little Mermaid

Hogwarts cake

just chatting

just snuggling + chatting

gift time

gift time

"Oh, you shouldn't have!"

"This is how long you have left to live!"

birthday boy

...and we're done.
Happy birthday, Jackson! I love you.  Live it up being a teenager (still)!

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