clothespins + food stands: easy diy

This past week, Luke helped me personalize some of the decorations for Audra's baby shower this weekend.  Our decorating theme is light (minty, aqua) green and white (it's a boy!).  Our invitations looked like this:

So I did two super simply DIYs: striped clothespins (to hang baby clothes as a decoration/gift), and food stands (more food can fit on the table!).  First, the clothespins were super simple:

One: I spray painted them all white.
Two: I added painter tape.
Three: I spray painted green (flipped over, repeated one-three)
Four: Done!

The food stands took a bit more effort (and a bit more help from Luke.  Here's the simple how-to:

Step One: Put on overalls.**

Step Two: Gather materials.

Step Three: Find the center of each circular board and drill a hole.

Step Four: Spray paint both sides of the circular boards (I used light green and white).

Step Five: (if desired) Lay doily on circular board and spray paint again in a different color.

Step Six: Secure circular boards to candle stands using a screw and screwdriver. Done!

I'm getting excited for the shower and even more excited for the new baby.  Life is good.

**Step One is very important. Do not skip.

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