happy birthday, gg!

You guys, look how cute my grandma is:
...and today she turns 80! We actually celebrated with a surprise party (planned by her four daughters) a few weeks ago. 
Happy Birthday, GG! We love you!
 Here are some of my favorite shots:
hugs after the big surprise



nora and some of her fave aunts

whats up just hanging out in a field i don't know

"Excuse me, sir, that's my GG up there!"

jilly just jillin


nora just totaling blue steeling

ugh, c'mon dad


gg clicked her heels and then...

check this: starting with GG: Bethany Grace >>> Grace Christina (skip the babe for a sec) >>>> Tina Jayne (back to baby) >>>> Eleanor Jayne #namechain

everybody (kind of)

 photo gracesignature_zpszaasj7qh.jpg

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