marriage: week forty-five

Things I Learned in Our Forty-Fifth Week of Marriage:
-the name "Bethany" means "house of poverty"
-the name "Andrea" means "manly"
-Baby Name apps are addicting

Week Forty-Five Challenge: go to a bookstore, pick out books for each other.  Luke chose a baby name book and a bird identification book for me (it's impossible to tell the difference between birds, you guys).  I chose a libertarian-ish book and a paleo cookbook for Luke.

Week Forty-Five Highlights: We got to go to the lake for the first time this year! My parents' cabin is unfortunately under construction, so we hadn't been up at all...then Jamie and Bill invited us and all was right with the world.

AND THEN! On the way home, I made Luke stop at we mutually decided it was a great idea to stop at a 50s style diner and it was the greatest dinner of my life.

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