cultivating gratitude: camera lenses

Okay, new refurbished camera lenses are not exactly what my gratitude posts are generally about.  They're a little too concrete compared to the other posts.  But, you guys, I'm obsessed with my new camera lenses.  I got a 35mm prime and a 70-300mm.

I took up photography in 2010.  I started with a Canon Rebel and Project 365 and basically just dove in.  I've learned a lot (and upgraded a lot) since then, but it's basically still the same thing to me: a way to document my life.  Yes, I occasionally take a photography job, and I enjoy them, but they're always for people I know, and that's what I like.  I like to help people document their lives.  My family sometimes teases me that my nieces and nephews know me by the clicking sound of the shutter before they know my name. I try to take pictures that capture the mood and feeling of whatever is happening more than I worry about aperture and focal length (which is probably why I am not a better photographer).

My 35mm prime is my favorite of the two new lenses (so far).  I've always loved my 50mm prime, and the 35mm gives me a bit more room to capture some ambiance.

The telephoto is basically an extension of my favorite walk-around lens and will allow me to capture more subjects and subjects that are farther away.

I'm grateful for my new lenses because they help me document my life.  And I'm obsessed with my life.

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