two-minute book review: something i've been meaning to tell you

Favorite Quote: "In fact, the only thing three-dimensional about Boori Ma was her voice: brittle with sorrows, as tart as curds, and shrill enough to grate meat from a coconut." Favorite Character: Eliot Meetways: Nine Stories meets The God of Small Things Three Words: authentic, poignant, accessible - See more at: http://www.sunbeamsandsnapshots.blogspot.com/search/label/two%20minute%20book%20review#sthash.0Nnnt0AG.dpuf

I read Alice Munro's Something I've Been Meaning to Tell You a few weeks ago.  Here are my brief thoughts.

Favorite Quote: "He might have meant to talk to me, to ask me to have coffee, or a drink, with him, but he respected my unhappiness as he always does; he respected the pretense that I was not unhappy but preoccupied, burdened with these test papers; he left me alone to get over it." 

Favorite Character: Narrator of Winter Wind

Meetways: Nine Stories meets The Human Stain

Three Words: reminiscent, personal, nostalgic

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