snapshots: christmas travels 2013

I've always traveled a lot during the holidays.  In fact, I've only been home on Christmas day once in my whole life.  We always all piled into the conversion van (then the mini van, then the SUV) and made the rounds; we traveled two hours to my dad's parents, then four and a half to my mom's parents and made it back to our house about a week later, exhausted and present-laden.  We braved icy roads and screaming toddlers, played thousands of car games, and watched Ace Ventura in the car too many times to count (and Ace Ventura 2: When Nature Calls...obviously). 

This year, we did all of our traveling before Christmas.  We went to my mom's side at Thanksgiving and had an early Christmas.  We stopped by my dad's side on the way to Luke's side and did it all in one weekend.  And then we spent Christmas day at The Burrow. 

I photographed our travels, but didn't take any pictures of our actual Christmas day at The Burrow.  My parents came over, Luke's parents traveled two hours to spend the day with us, and Blythe and Travis came over.  Most of us were in pajamas all day (okay...some of us...mostly me).  We had stovetop cocoa.  We had a fire going.  We played Mexican Train Dominoes We watched Christmas movies (The Grinch!, It's a Wonderful Life).  We ate too many cookies.  We had Christmas at The Burrow.

Here are some of my favorite shots from our travels the weekend before:

and at our next stop...

There are more Christmas posts to come...stay tuned! (It's just the beginning of the Christmas season!)

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