marriage: week two

Things I learned in our second week of marriage:
-my husband does not like my cleaning schedule quite as much as I do (I've always been all-or-nothing...so it's either extreme clean or total disarray)

I know "change sheets" is on it twice, it's because we do it twice per month

Week Two Challenge: Thank your spouse for something new every day this week.
Week Two Highlights: lake life

Here's a bonus wedding picture:



  1. I love that I am not the only one who the chore thing has been tricky for...my husband grew up with parents who didn't teach him any this stuff and did it all...so it was def. hard for me when we got married since I grew up with a chore chart and cleaning...it takes time, patience, and practice... :)

    Also I know since you are also Catholic if you would be interested in writing a post for my guest series, "Catholic & Loving It"...look on my blog, and let me know if ya interested:)

    1. Haha, Luke is excellent at chores, but I know I won't do them without a schedule and he prefers to do them when he feels like it...I need the schedule!

      I've been following your blog (especially that feature) and would love to be a part of it!

  2. Ummm, Dad's comment about this "all or nothing" thing. We don't recall the "all". Love you :)


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