why i love my job(s): part two

(Part One)

My second job is as a Middle School Youth Minister.  Every Sunday, between 100-200 middle school students stare at me and anxiously wait for me to impart wisdom.

Actually, it doesn't really resemble that at all.  Basically, I'm in charge of the 6th-8th graders before their 9th grade year (which is a year spent on the study of Confirmation)...so we spend ninety minutes every Sunday acting like crazy people, praying, learning some catechesis, reading some Bible, and generally being awesome.

There are two rules at our Youth Group: Work Hard. Be Kind.

Generally, it goes something like this:

1.) Mingle
2.) Play giant group game (think Toilet Paper Dodgeball)
3.) Break into two groups.
4.) Large Group Teaching
5.) Small Group Activity
6.) Large Group Review (essentially, if a kid knows an answer, I throw candy at them)

I love my job because it combines two of my favorite things: being Catholic and middle schoolers.  I have an awesome team of adults and an awesome team of high schoolers who help me.  Here are some reasons I love my job:

Clearly we're learning a lot.

Middle schoolers, man.

And this is our latest T-shirt...

I love my job.

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