first lake weekend of 2013

Last weekend, for Memorial Day, we spent time at Coldwater Lake, Michigan.  Here's a brief timeline of our families' time at the lake over the years:

1954: My grandparents go to Coldwater for their honeymoon.
Dorothy is such a babe.

1955-1985: My grandparents continue to go to the lake, renting the same cottage (almost) every time with their kids (my dad and aunts and uncles).

Dad, Tom, and Susie

Great-Grandma and a fish.

1986-2004: My parents start taking their kids to the lake, renting a house a few down from the one my dad used when he was a kid.  My uncles bought the cabin next door to the original cabin.

Mom, Grandpa, Derek (on shoulders), Dad, Grandma, 1987

Dad, Me, Derek, some fish, 1990

Pretty mom and Travis, 1993

Me and Derek, 1994

Dad and Travis, 1996

Travis and Dad, 1996

Derek and Dad, 1999

2004-2012: My parents buy the original cabin (in 2004) that my dad and my grandparents went to for years.

Ansley (cousin) and me, 2010

Me and Kim, 2011

Ansley and Uncle Mike, 2011

Derek, 2012

2012-present: We still own our cabin, and Luke's sister and brother-in-law bought one four houses down. Our family is taking over the island and it's great.

Bill and Jamie, 2012

Sunset at our cabin

This past weekend, we had: Jamie, Bill, Christy, Andrew, Tony, Izzy, Joey, Audra, Mark, Mitch, Haley, Ansley, Mike, and Missy (plus Luke and me).  It was a super fun time.
Haley, me, Ansley, 2013

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  1. That's really cool! I don't think Derek told me your family has been going there for so long!!


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