two minute book reviews: the god of small things

 I recently (2 weeks ago) read The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy.  I was going to wait to review it until Tess finished it (it was a book club selection), but things are not looking promising in that department.  So, here it is anyway.

Favorite Quote: "But anger wasn't available to them and there was no face to put on this Other Thing that they held in their sticky Other Hands, like an imaginary orange.  There was nowhere to lay it down. It wasn't theirs to give away.  It would have to be held.  Carefully and forever."

Favorite Character: Estha

Meetways: One Hundred Years of Solitude meets The English Patient

Fun Fact: It's the only novel Arundhati Roy has written.

Three Words: vivid, original, fresh

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