luke-o de mayo 2013: a recap

Luke's birthday was a smashing success, and Ron Swanson would be proud.  Here's what we did:

-dinner at Texas de Brazil, which is essentially people walking around with meat on sticks and giving you as much as you want.  We literally tried 12 different kinds of meat (beef ribs, chicken breast wrapped in bacon, lamb chops, filet mignon, filet mignon wrapped in bacon, flank steak, picanha, Brazilian sausage, Parmesan chicken, Parmesan pork, and pork loin).  Luke was in paleo heaven:

 -home to watch the Red Wings and open some gifts.  I am obsessed with giving presents.  These particular gifts were wrapped with Ron Swanson quotes.  I gave Luke: Robert Kimberly by Frank H. Spearman, first edition (a proto-libertarian Catholic writer from the early 20th century), an anthology of libertarian writings from 1969 (The Freeman), a propoganda book about the Federal Reserve from the 50s, an Homage Detroit Lions shirt, and a gun-shaped ice cube tray.

Luke's last gift was Green Bean Delivery.  Green Bean Delivery is a local grocery service that delivers fresh, local produce and meats! This week he received: avocados, blueberries, broccoli, tomatoes, strawberries, carrots, red leaf lettuce, one dozen local eggs, herb chevre cheese, and Sweet Meadows ground beef.

-Finally, paleo cake...very chocolate-y, very rich:

Luke-O De Mayo 2013: Success.

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